Animal Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

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Animal hepatocytes are model systems often used for a variety of in vitro screenings and analysis prior to clinical studies.

While animal hepatocytes in suspension are important for short term metabolism studies,
plated animal hepatocytes are perfect for the studies of long term metabolism or evaluation of drug candidates to investigate drug-drug interactions.

Our dog beagle, monkey cynomolgus, rat and minipig hepatocytes are model systems frequently used in vitro screening methods. They closely match the physiology in vivo and contribute to the identification of safety issues early in the drug development pipeline.

Characterization methods of fresh animal hepatocytes include the monitoring of liver specific functions, activities of drug transporters and the induction of cytochrome P450 activies. We also monitor and document cell morphology, attachment efficiency, monolayer confluency for plateable cells and viability stability over time.


Ref. Product
BHC Beagle (Suspension/Plateable/ Pool)
CHC Cynomolgus (Suspension/ Plateable)
GMH  Göttigen Minipig (Plateable)
LH  Landrace Pig (Plateable)
EH  Equine (Plateable/Suspension)
SH Sheep (Suspension)
PH  Chicken (Suspension)
DH  Duck (Plateable/Suspension)
Ref. Product
TH Turkey (Suspension)
FH Fish (Rainbow Trout) (Platebale/Suspension)
ASH  Atlantic Salmon (Pool)
CCH  Common Crap (Plateable)
WH-RH  Rat (Wistar:Ham) (Plateable)
SD-RH  Rat (Sprague Dawley) (Platable)
MH  Mouse (CD-1) (Plateable/Pool)
RH  Rabbit (Platable/Pool)

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