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Currently, the biggest scientific/technological challenges are the understanding of the physiological/pathological processes of the human body and the research of new treatments that improve people’s lives. To meet these challenges, it is required to create cellular models that mimic the physiological microenvironment for successful clinical trials.
The future is full of challenges, and we want to be part of the promise of a better future.

For this reason, at BeCytes Biotechnologies we are committed to contributing to the improvement of people’s lives, becoming a key player in connecting global health challenges with researchers’ needs by providing primary cells and tissue sourcing services.

We empower researchers to develop sophisticated cellular models that replicate the complex microenvironment of the human body by offering exceptional primary cells and tissue sourcing services.
Our driving force is innovation. We consistently stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the latest advancements, ensuring that we meet the ever-changing requirements of biotechnical research.

At every step of the way, we maintain unwavering dedication to excellence. From procuring tissues to conducting thorough cell characterizations, we guarantee the highest quality standards for your crucial research.
Our mission is to support and empower your research endeavors while driving scientific advancement at an accelerated pace!

Did you know that the isolation and comprehensive characterization of primary cells from human and animal hepatic and skin sources play a pivotal role in driving groundbreaking discoveries and transformative breakthroughs in biomedical research? Let us shed light on their importance!

These primary cells serve as an accurate representation of the human and animal systems, enabling researchers to recreate real-life scenarios within controlled laboratory settings. They serve as vital building blocks for the development of precise and reliable in vitro models, paving the way for successful clinical trials and the discovery of transformative therapies.

By isolating and characterizing primary cells, we gain a deeper understanding of their behavior, interactions, and responses to various stimuli. This knowledge helps researchers identify targets for drug development, comprehend the mechanisms underlying diseases, and ultimately enhance the health and well-being of both humans and animals.