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BeCytes Biotechnologies is a biotechnology company offering liver cells and other products and services (CRO) based on tissue procurement, cell isolation and cell solutions for in vitro models to the research community worldwide.

The main focus of the company is the isolation and complete characterisation of primary human liver cells and animal liver and skin cells, as well as the supply of different tissue explants (pathological and healthy donor).

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Discover the advantages of working with Primary Hepatocytes and Non-Parenchymal Cells as a Co-Culture model

Co-culture of primary hepatocytes with Non-parenchymal Cells (NPCs)

The liver is one of the largest organs in the human body. Liver cells perform important functions such as body homeostasis, surveillance, synthesis and release of essential components, storage of nutrients and activation of inflammatory and immune reactions in case of liver injury. The liver is composed of parenchymal cells and non-parenchymal cells. Parenchymal cells represent 70% of the liver cell population, and hepatocytes are the principal cells, which are specialised epithelial cells with highly polarised architecture and functions.

Non-parenchymal cells (NPCs) constitute 30% of liver cells and are composed of Kupffer cells, hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells (HSCs), stellate cells and other cell types. NPCs are specialised cells that interact with hepatocytes to form a functional liver unit. Therefore, liver co- cultures of hepatocytes and NPCs can increase the veracity of liver models by creating an in vitro microenvironment that allows cell-to-cell interactions.

Co-culture of primary human hepatocytes and hepatic NPCs has the potential to create a functional liver model for R&D testing.

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