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Tissue Procurement

BeCytes Biotechnologies has created a platform capable to coordinate the donation of human tissues (tissue procurement) for biomedical research purposes, which encompasses strong collaborations with national and international procurement centers

  • Accurate process monitoring donor detection, evaluation, tissue procurement and tissue processing
  • Healthy/ pathological biospecimens
  • Customized processes and cell isolations: fresh /banked formats
  • CRO services

The Importance of Tissue Procurement for Biomedical Research

The procurement of high-quality tissues is critical for conducting research and making significant discoveries. However, obtaining human biospecimens can be an arduous and time-consuming process. There are several types of tissue procurement. The use of biospecimens in research is essential to advance our understanding of human health and disease and to develop new treatments and therapies.

BeCytes Biotechnologies has created a platform capable of coordinating the donation of human tissues and cells for biomedical research purposes, which encompasses strong collaborations with national and international procurement centers, biobanks and hospitals that allow us to provide the researchers with a wide range of tissue samples.

Extensive tissue procurement network

Extensive network

Thanks to our key partners (biobanks, hospitals, OPOS, etc.), we have access to a wide range of healthy and pathological tissues in multiple formats and conditions.

Extensive information on tissue donors

Extensive donor information

Researchers can have access to first-hand information about the donor post medical record, where the most relevant data is reflected.

Possibility of customising tissue procurement procedures.

Possibility to customize tissue procedures.

Researchers can tailor the procurement and processing of biospecimens according to the conditions needed for research.

Ability to deliver fresh tissue to Europe and the USA.

Ability to deliver fresh tissue to Europe and the USA next day after delivery.

Our logistic experience has allowed us to deliver tissue samples next day after delivery to Europe and USA, with a direct contact with the researcher and an immediate response.

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Tailored Tissue Processing

Tissues in various formats upon request

  • Fresh tissue
  • FFPE slides, curls, and blocks
  • OCT frozen slides, curls, and blocks
  • Fresh frozen samples
  • H&E stained & unstained
  • RNA later
  • Additional formats are available upon request

Donor-matched tissue with samples upon request

  • Serum
  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Buffy Coat

Case Study: Obtaining lung tissue to understand the pulmonary disposition of drugs

Access one of our latest customized research tissue projects.

By downloading this document, you will be able to understand:

  • the initial situation of a project
  • the objectives set
  • the methodology used
  • the results
  • and conclusions applied to a real case, and the results of the project.

Download the document below and learn more.

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  2. Personalized advice according to the needs of each client
  3. Permanent contact throughout the process to ensure the best results

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