About Us

BeCytes Biotechnologies

Who We Are

BeCytes Biotechnologies is a biotechnological company that offers products and services (CRO) based on tissue procurement, cell isolation and cell solutions for in vitro models addressed to the research community worldwide. ​

The company’s main focus is the isolation and full characterization of primary human and animal hepatic and skin cells, as well as providing different tissue explants (pathological and healthy donors).

Cytes Biotechnologies offers an extensive portfolio of fresh and cryopreserved human and animal cells. Among others, plateable and suspension hepatocytes, stellates, Kupffers, hepatic endothelial, liver sinusoidal endothelial cells, liver subcellular fractions, skin fibroblasts, and keratinocytes

What We Do

BeCytes Biotechnologies, S.L offers several services to the research community, based on cell isolation and in vitro research models:

Customized Cell Isolation

We are specialized in cell isolation and its characterization for research purposes.

Customized Tissue Procurment

We offer an array of customized tissue treatment depending on researchers needs.

Cytes Publications

  • Busche M, Tomilova O, Schütte J, et al. HepaChip-MP – a twenty-four chamber microplate for a continuously perfused liver co-culture model [publicado en línea antes de la impresión, 2020 Jul 14]. Lab Chip. 2020;10.1039/d0lc00357c. doi:10.1039/d0lc00357c –
  • Pla-Palacín I., Sánchez-Romero N., Morini S., Rubio-Soto D., Baptista P.M. (2020) Liver Tissue Engineering. En: Eberli D., Lee S., Traweger A. (eds) Organ Tissue Engineering. Referencia Series in Biomedical Engineering. Springer, Cham. 2020; doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-18512-1_2-1l
    If you have used our products on your research, do not forget to mention us in your publications with the following citation: (Product name, Cytes Biotechnologies S.L., Spain).
    Simply send us an email to info@cytesbiotech.com with the paper’s PubMed ID (PMID)

BeCytes Social

Currently, the biggest scientific/technological challenges are the understanding of the physiological/pathological processes of the human body and the research of new treatments that improve people’s lives. To meet these challenges, it is required to create cellular models that mimic the physiological microenvironment for successful clinical trials…. The future is full of challenges, and we want to be part of the promise of a better future.

For this reason, at BeCytes Biotechnologies we are committed to contributing to the improvement of people’s lives, becoming a key player in connecting global health challenges with researchers’ needs by providing primary cells and tissue sourcing services.